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    Wifi 12 Pods Hydroponic Growing System with 6.5L Water Tank, Smart Hydro Indoor Herb Garden up to 14.5", Plants Germination Kit with Pump System, Fan, Grow Light for Home Kitchen Gardening, White

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    • WiFi Enabled with App Control: Pair the hydroponics growing system with the "Gennec" app using WiFi to remotely control your hydroponics system at any distance. Freely adjust the light time to fit for day shifters or night workers. Adjust the fan and pump runtime according to the different growth stages of your plant. Keep a diary for your plants to make important notes and better experience the joy of planting. (Only compatible with 2.4GHz Network).
    • 6.5L Large Water Tank: iDOO 6.5L super large water tank is a must for matured plants. It provides a larger space for the root development and will keep your plants fresh for about 2 or 3 weeks without watering, never worry about lack of water while you are out of the house or on vacation.
    • 2 Planting Modes & Adjustable Light Height: Choose ‘Vegetable’ or ‘Flowers & Fruits’ mode for your plants to get specific light conditions. The light height can be adjusted to provide sufficient light at every stage of your plants’ growth (Max. 14.5 inches).
    • LED Grow Light & Fan: 22-Watt full spectrum LED grow light of hydroponics growing system simulates the sunlight to ensure your plants grow prosperously no matter what season. A built-in fan helps disperse heat during germination and spreads pollen to promote flowering.
    • Water Shortage Reminder: When the water in the tank is less than 1L, the Fan&Water indicator light on the control panel will flash and the pump within the app will shift from blue to orange water to remind you to add more water. Friendly to people who always forget to add water to the tank.

    Product Description

    Grow Pods 8 pods

    iDOO WiFi Enabled Indoor Herb Garden --- Make Gardening Easier

    A Smart Indoor LED Hydroponic system that can be controlled entirely via the “Gennec” app once connected to your WiFi. (Only compatible with 2.4GHz network, not for 5.0GHz network.)

    iDOO WiFi 12Pods Hydroponics Growing System's Advantages over Similar Products:

    • App Control: Remotely control your hydroponics system from anywhere. Switch lights, fans, and pumps at the touch of a button.
    • Light or pump runtime setting: Freely adjust the light and pump runtime to fit for day shifters or night workers.
    • 12 Pods Large Capacity: Up to 12 pods plants at one time, grow more, save more.
    • 6.5L Large Water Tank: Provides a larger space for root development and keeps your plants fresh for about 2 or 3 weeks without watering.
    • Built-in fan: Spread pollen to promote flowering and disperse heat during germination.
    • Cute Cactus Covers: Not only keep your pod clean when not in use but also decorate your hydroponic growing system.

    • 24pcs sponges
    • 12pcs basket
    • 12pcs seeding covers
    • 12pcs tags
    • 6pcs cactus covers
    • 12pcs basket labels
    • 2pcs Bottles
    • 1pcs rubber stopper

    iDOO Hydroponic Growing System

    Product Specification

    • Super low noise fan; Super silent water pump
    • Larger Water Tank Capacity: 6.5L
    • Number of Pods: 12
    • Dimensions: 13.8 * 10.24 * 13.39 inch
    • Max Height of Rod: 14.5 inches
    • Product Type: Hydroponic
    • LED Light: 22-Watt Full Spectrum
    • WiFi enabled hydroponics growing system with air system
    • LED light turns ON/OFF automatically
    • Vegs & Fruit Flower mode, give a targeted light to plants

    Customizable Light Settings

    Switch between ‘Flower&Fruits’ or ‘Vegetables’ mode with a simple tap on the physical control panel or adjust light settings and timing for different growth stages of your plants directly from the Gennec app.

    Perfect for those who want to control the light settings remotely even while in bed!

    Water Pump & Fan Setting

    Tap “Water Pump” on the app to customize the pump runtime for your plants. Activate the fan through the Gennec app. When the hydroponics growing system contains less than 1L of water, the pump section within the app will shift from blue to orange water to remind you to add more water.

    Days Planted & Plant Diary

    Manually input or reset the planting days for your garden and keep track of each plant’s growth. Our WiFi-enabled hydroponics growing system allows you to keep a record of each growth stage your plant goes through.

    Upload plant photos and post them in your plant diary to keep a record of the entire life cycle of your hydroponic plants and learn more about how to improve the planting experience.

    Cute Cactus Covers

    The cactus covers not only keep your pod clean when not in use but also decorate your hydroponic growing system.

    Larger Soil Sponge

    The sponge fully absorbs the water to keep your plants nourished, which promotes your seeds to better develop roots and sprouts.

    Convenient Filling Port

    No need to detach the tank to add the water. There is an independent port on the top of your indoor herb garden for easy water filling.