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    Plant Propagation Tubes, 3 Tiered Wall Hanging Terrarium with Wooden Stand Mini Test Tube Flower Vase Glass Planter Stations for Hydroponic Cutting Home Garden Office Decor Plant Lover Gift

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    • Great propagators: This simple wall hanging propagation station can add some natural feel to the life! Prefect for propagation stations and hydroponics cuttings, also suitable for floral arrangement, home office decoration as well as cool gift idea for plant lover.
    • Unique design: Simple and elegant style test tube propagator suit any style room. The three tiered wooden stand with 15 tubes maximizes space and hold more plants, it adds nice touch to your house, put it on window sill, art wall for decoration in livingroom, dingroom, kitchen, dormitory and bedroom.
    • Functional Decor: Minimalistic look is suitable for most of the plant cuttings, likes pothos, lucky bamboo, African violet, coin grass, moss, flower even herbs. It will more beautiful and attractive if you fill the bottle with colored water or put some cobbles into it.
    • Size: Wooden holder: 14.2'' L X 1.8'' W X 0.6'' H; the height between the two wooden holder is 9.7'', total height is 35'', Test tube: diameter is 1'', height is 4.3''. The test tube glass planter can be easily removed to change water or clean. Note: No plants or props included in this item!
    • Package Includes: 1 X three tiered wooden frame, 15 x 4.3'' test tubes, 1 x cleaning brush. If the received product is not balanced, adjust the rope according to the instructions to rebalance. Mkono is a registered trademark and our product is professional manufacturing and sole selling.

    Product Description

    Welcome to Mkono Store!

    Mkono is a company committed to handmade work for bringing fresh and lifeful atmosphere to your home. Besides the ingenuity of the designer and the niceness for materials, keeping improving for the handicraft of handmade work attracts people mostly. All designs are handmade with love and will bring a unique element into any space. Mkono meticulously hand-crafted for your living space.

    Decorate Your Home

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How do you hang it? Do you put the plastic piece up first and then put a nail through the hole in the plastic piece?

    A: It comes with a mounting anchor with nails already in it, you just hammer that mounting peice and hang on the rope.

    Q: Does this have suction cups to attach to the wall or window?

    A: No, it has a fixture to hang on a nail or screw.

    Mkono Glass Wall Planter with 15 Test Tubes

    Plant Propagation Station - Brown

    This is a perfect glass tube for plant propagations and cuttings, used to propagate baby plants. It is suitable for display fresh flowers and hydroponic plants. Make a great gift for the plant-lover in your life.

    Package Contents:

    1 x Wooden Frame

    16 x Test Tube

    1 x Cleaning Brush

    Note: No plants or other decorative objects included in this item!

    • Wooden stand: 14.2'' L X 1.8'' W X 0.6'' H
    • Test tube: diameter is 1'', height is 4.3''
    • Material: Natural Wood Log and High Quality Glass

    Multifunctional Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand

    Hydroponic plant propagator can beautify and purify your room and office, it will create fresh green atmosphere and make you feel relaxed.

    The cute plant terrarium propagator with high-quality is great for flower arrangement, window sill, office decoration. It will be perfect gift for your plant lovers.

    Removable clear glass vase can not only observe the growth status of the plants, but also convenient for cleaning and refilling.

    Size 11.5'' L x 14.25 '' H 10"L×2"W×5"H 10"L×2"W×5"H 4.7''H x 16''W x 4''D 12.7''L X 3.2" W 12''L X 2.5'' W
    Package 1 1 1 1 1 1
    Size 8.7"L×2"W×5"H 14'' x 27 '' 14.2'' x 32.3'' 24.8" H 17" W x 27" L
    Package 1 1 1 1 1 1