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    Plant Nursery Pots with Humidity Dome 4" Soft Transparent Plastic Gardening Pot Planting Containers Cups Planter Small Starter Seed Starting Trays for Seedling with 10Pcs Plant Labels,30 Sets

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    • Plant Nursery pot with humidity dome can keep the moisture and temperature. This humidity will improve germination rate and survival rate. Dome height: 3.5'' Inch.
    • Container dimensions : 3.7" opening diameter at top, bottom diameter 2.5", Height 3.2''. ( dimensions shown in the product images).
    • The Nursery Pot has 8 small Drain holes at the bottom to keep soil drained and ventilated, to prevent from root rot. Top raised rim make they are easy to handle and to stack.
    • Light weight, soft, washable and reusable. The built-in humidity cover can be used for the seed germination period, so you don't need to transplant before moving into the garden.
    • Plastic Nursery Pots for Plants,Cuttings & Seedlings, Seeds Starting. Great for Doing lot of succulent propagation, Great as plant transition pots.

    Product Description

    Good structure:

    Eight drain holes in the bottom can help soil drained and ventilated and the raised rim make it easy for you to handle and stack them.

    Package includes:

    30 plants nursery pots and 30 humidity dome, also comes with 10 pcs plant labels, and you can identify your seedlings by marking their name on the labels.

    Soft Material:

    The material of the seedling pot is very soft and will not crack under accidental compression and is very easy to recover. When transplanting, it can take the plant out completely and also protect the root of the plant from being injured. However, many products on the market are made of very hard materials, which are not suitable for transplanting and seedling growth.

    Humidity Dome:

    Very few plant nursery pots on the market have a humidity dome, our products have a temperature cover, transparent humidifier cover can easily observe your seedlings or plants without interrupting the process, you can use the adjustable vent to control the humidity and temperature, improve the germination rate and survival rate of seeds, also provide a better environment for young plants in the early stages of germination and growth, allowing plants to grow faster under the right conditions they need!

    Beautiful Scenery

    For Seedlings

    These nursery pots are perfect for starting seedlings, or transplanting seedlings from smaller cells into these pots.

    For Transplanting

    The pots are ideal for succulents, seed starting, cuttings and transplanting.

    For Garden

    Starting a garden is easy with our bulk pack of nursery pots.

    cell trays NO NO Included Included Included
    cell trays NO NO 120 200 144
    PCS 30 30 10 5 3
    Domes Included Included Included Included Included
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