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    Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden: 12 Pods Indoor Gardening System with Remote Control LED Grow Light Height Adjustable Quiet Plants Germination Kit - Gardening Gifts for Women Black

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    • 5X GROWTH BEYOND SOIL: Indoor herb garden empowered with innovative full-spectrum technology, which replicates optimal sunlight conditions. Herb garden growth light can be adjusted up to 21'' high based on the plant's growth stage, lampboard can rotate 180 degrees, illumination area can be expanded by 2 times, maintaining optimal temperatures and space for germination and rapid growth, even during the colder seasons. Always fresh, always local, always in season
    • INNOVATIVE REMOTE CONTROL: Pairing URUQ herb garden kit indoor with remote control, easier management of your garden. Giving you greater flexibility in managing your plants' growth, hydroponic LED light on and off time is completely set by you, making it convenient for both day shifters and night workers. From light and pump operations to switching planting modes, enjoy the convenience and fun of indoor smart garden remote-controlled planting
    • 6.5L CAPACITY & ULTRA-QUIET WATER PUMP: Indoor garden water pump equipped with top-grade ceramic core technology, operates silently, below 20 dB, and features an automatic pump running every 30 minutes for efficient watering and oxygenation, supporting better root development. Indoor herb garden starter kit has 6.5L oversized water tank with a water-level window, enjoy 15 days of self-growth with just one watering. Blue water shortage indicator warns you timely about watering needs
    • UPGRADE 3 GROWTH MODELS: Three different light modes to suit various planting needs. Vegetable mode enhances blue light for leafy greens, herb mode boosts UV light for essential oil production, and flower/fruit mode amplifies red light to promote flowering or increase fruit yield, ensuring optimal growth regardless of the plant species
    • SUSTAINABLE GARDENING GIFT FOR ALL AGES: URUQ 12pods hydroponic system is easy and fun, contains all the planting tools, experience the joy and satisfaction of growing fresh, organic food in your home. It's a smart garden that keeps on giving, making it a perfect present for family during holidays, it's also a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the world of hydroponic gardening

    Product Description

    Meet the URUQ 12 Pods Remote Control Indoor Garden

    1 Upgraded Remote Control 2 Custom Working Time 3 Quiet Watering System 4 Faster Growth 5 Plenty of Growing Spaces

    A Fun Gift from Cooks to Beginners, Adults to Kids

    1 Multiple Scenarios 2 Grow Anything Kits 3 Successful Planting

    Ensure All Your Queries And Issues Are Resolved Promptly

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