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    Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 4 Packs LED Strips Full Spectrum with Auto Timer 3/6/12H, Dimmable Sunlike Growing Lamp for Greenhouse,Seedling,432 Leds (16 Inches)

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    • 【High Efficiency Grow Light 】- Updated Double-Rows Design, 432 LEDs which replace as 100-150w general plant lights. 6 brightness levels(5%,20%,40%,60%,80%,100%) - to meet your plants different stages lighting requirements.
    • 【Full Spectrum - Sunlike Grow Light】 - It emits all the wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm – just like the natural sunlight. SAVE YOUR INDOOR PLANTS LIVING IN THE DARK. (50,000 hours lifetime)
    • 【 Take Care of Your Plants Everyday 】After you set up the timer (3/ 6/ 12 Hours) as you like, the light will automatically turn on at the same time the next days
    • 【Easy Installation】4 packs grow light bars set comes with 16 screws , 12 zip ties and 4 double-sided tape -3 ways for your quick and flexible installation
    • 【 Wide Application】 Suitable for all indoor plants, such as succulents,seeds, hydroponics,flowers, vegetables.Suitable for indoor greenhouse, plant shelf,home or office.2 YEARS WARRANTY

    Product Description

    60W Full Spectrum Grow Light Strips with Auto Turn ON / Off Timer and Double-Row LED Lamp Beads Design

    High-Efficiency LED

    High Efficiency LED lamp Beads (Full spectrum -4200K)

    Updated Double-Row LED lamp bead design

    4x 15W / 108 LED chips, high PPFD for all stage of indoor plants growth.

    Auto On / Off Timer Everyday with 4 Switch Modes

    Timer Indicator:

    Down-3 hours / Middle-6 hours / Up-12 hours. 4 Switch Modes: 1/2/3/4 Lights on or off. Timer Setting: Setting up the hours as you like for your plants, then it could automatically turn on and off at the SAME TIME the next day.

    Switch On/ Off.

    50000 Hours Lifetime

    Portable & stable full spectrum plants grow light meet your need of taking care of your indoor plants at all stages of plant growth.

    Multiple Use :

    The led grow light strips fit for indoor plants like succulents,seeds, flowers, vegetables.

    Promote the growth of succulent plants such as cacti, etc.

    Promote seed germination and growth etc.

    Improve flower quality and lengthens flowering time.

    Wide Application- Easy and Flexible for Installation. No matter in office,home,plant shelf,greenhouse etc.

    Fit for office. Promote the growth of succulents, basil, rosemary, daffodils etc.

    Fit for plant shelf. Promote the growth of flower, seeds,plumeria, aloe, orchids, Thyme etc.

    Fit for Indoor places such as greenhouse, flower room. Promote the growth of cucumbers,tomatoes, peppers etc.

    Package 3-Pack 2-Pack 4-Pack 2-Pack 2-Pack
    Wattage 36 15 80 15 30
    Color Full Sepectrum Full Sepectrum Full Sepectrum Red / Blue Red / Blue
    Timer 3/9/12 H 2/4/8 H 3/9/12 H 2/4/8 H 3/9/12 H
    Strip Length 16 Inches 12 Inches 10 Inches 12 Inches 16 Inches