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    Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 144 Leds Full Spectrum Standing Plant Grow Light with 4/8/12H Timer, 6 Dimmable Levels,68" Adjustable Tripod, Floor Grow Lamp for Tall Large Indoor Plants Growing

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    • Upgraded Full Spectrum Grow Light with Stand: This grow light is equipped with 144 cutting-edge LEDs that optimize the necessary light wavelengths for plants, and offers the most effective light value for your plants: 384.06 umol/m²·s for 8in, 188.51 umol/m²·s for 12in and so on. The perfectly placed light beads emit a soft glow, promoting plant health while protecting your eyes from visual fatigue. With our advanced grow light solution, plants are given the healthiest conditions for growth.
    • Floor Plant Light with Adjustable Height: With a height adjustment range from 21 to 68 inches, LBW grow lights for indoor plants are able to accommodate the height of most indoor plants, from caring for potted plants to tall and large plants. The flexible height adjustment allows you to easily position the light according to your plant's needs. With just one floor plant light, you can provide sun-like light to most for your plants.
    • 3 Timing Modes & 6 Dimmable Brightness:This plant light is specially designed with 4/8/12H timer to cope with the light duration required by different plants. Just choose the timing you want and it will automatically turn on/off at the same time every day. The plant lamp also comes with 6 different brightness levels from 10% to 100%. Whether it is seedling or growing period, it can meet the brightness of the light you want.
    • Wider Light Range & Easy to Install: This plant grow light features an enlarged panel size of 10.43 x 5.5 inches, which provides a broader coverage area, ensuring that your plants receive ample light from all angles. And the installation of this lamp is quite simple, you can effortlessly set it up in minutes. No complicated tools required. Simply follow the steps and enjoy the convenience of instant, high-quality lighting for your indoor plants.
    • Widely Used & Perfect Customer Service: This grow lamp is widely apply to family balcony seeding/breeding, gardening, flower show, potted plants, especially tall and large plants. In addition to the multiple use of our product, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service: 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee, 100% money back. Contact us first if you encounter any issue and we will make it OK.

    Product Description


    144 Bright LEDs & Wide Light Range

    • The grow light is equipped with 144 highly efficient LEDs, providing the most uniform full spectrum light for your plants.
    • The grow lamp has been upgraded to a size of 10.43 x 5.5 inches, providing a larger range of illumination. More LED beads also make the light brighter, and illuminate more plants at the same time.

    Height Adjustable & Convenient Knob

    • The plant light can adjust the height from 21 to 68 inches, which can offer soft light for plants of different heights, especially for indoor large plants.
    • This stand consists of three telescopic rods, each equipped with a very handy knob to help you easily adjust the height you want.

    Steady Tripod & Flexible Gooseneck

    • The base of the tripod is quite stable, which further enhances its overall stability, preventing any wobbling or toppling. A solid foundation is for your indoor gardening needs.
    • The grow light with stand comes with a 360° adjustable gooseneck. No matter which angle of your plants requires light exposure, simply adjust the flexible gooseneck with ease.

    Package List
    • Grow Light x 1
    • Gooseneck x 1
    • Adapter x 1
    • Tripod x 1
    • Wrench x 1
    • Nut x 1
    • User Manual x 1


    Input Voltage Range: 110V to 240V AC

    Wattage: 40W

    LED Beads: 144

    Spectrum:Full Spectrum

    Color Temp: 5000K

    Lumen: 14680lm

    Life: 50,000 Hours

    Material: Aluminum

    Size: 10.43 x 5.5 inches

    Height: 21-68 inches

    LED Diodes Quantity 144 LEDs 48 LEDs 144 LEDs 48 LEDs 144 LEDs 144 LEDs
    Timer Function 4/8/12H 4/8/12H 4/8/12H 4/8/12H 4/8/12H 4/8/12H
    Dimming Function 6 Dimmable Levels 6 Dimmable Levels 6 Dimmable Levels 6 Dimmable Levels 6 Dimmable Levels 4 Dimmable Levels
    Size 10.43 x 5.5 inches 8.7 x 4.9 inches 10.43 x 5.5 inches 8.7 x 4.9 inches 10.43 x 5.5 inches Dia 6.3 inches *2
    Height Adjustable 21-68'' 15-63'' 15-30'' 15-30'' / 11-56''
    LED Diodes Red/Cold White/Warm White/UV/IR Red/Blue/Cold White/Warm White Red/Cold White/Warm White/UV/IR Red/Blue/Cold White/Warm White Red/Cold White/Warm White/UV/IR Red/Cold White/Warm White