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    Grow Light, Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Height Adjustable Growing Lamp with Auto On/Off Timer 4H/8H/12H, 4 Dimmable Brightness, Ideal for Home Desk Plant Lighting

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    • Upgraded Desk Plant Lighting Solution: This grow light is designed with a 13"x 2.5" aluminum ultra-thin grow light panel, which is lightweight and has great heat dissipation, it can provide broad light coverage to help your plants grow more happily and faster. A sponge pad under the solid metal base makes it more stable and can protect your table from scratches. AN IDEAL PLANT LAMP FOR YOUR INDOOR PLANTS!
    • Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Light: With 106 pcs high-efficiency LEDs(Cold white 22pcs, Warm white 22pcs, Red 6pcs), plant grow light can emit all the wavelengths from 380nm-800nm - similar to natural sunshine, which has a significant impact on plants' germination, flowering, fruiting, chlorophyll synthesis of plants, and photosynthesis. Ideal for all kinds of plants in all stages, such as succulents, orchids, tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, lemon trees, seed starting, etc.
    • 24H Cycle Auto On/Off Timer: Our desk growing light has 3 cycle timing settings for 4H/8H/12H, which will stay on for 4H/8H/12H, then off for 20H/16H/12H. This timer will automatically turn on and off every day after your setting. No need to unplug/re-plug. It will take good care of your plants daily. You don't need to worry about your plant's growth lighting needs when on a business trip or vacation. Convenient & Easy!
    • Plant Grow Light with 4 Dimmable Levels: With more new technology LEDs, our grow lamp can provide higher PAR/LUMEN output, which makes the light brighter and more efficient. Also, it has 4 brightness settings(25%-50%-75%-100%) to meet different kinds of plant lighting needs at various stages, allowing your plants to receive more energy without concerning about damaging them(50000 Hours Lifespan & Low Energy Consumption!).
    • 180° Angle Adjustable & Height Adjustable: Set the light panel to the metal base, adjust the height (7.8"-26" adjustable), then rotate the angle (180°rotatable) of the light panel according to the plant's needs. Done! It's so easy to use. You can adjust the height and the angle of the grow light to satisfy the lighting intensity needs of different plants. When the telescopic rod is extended higher, more plants will be covered.

    Product Description


    24H Cycle Auto On/Off Timer setting

    • Our grow light has a memory timer fuction for 4/8/12 hous.
    • After you set up the timer, you don't need to turn off the light or unplug it manually. The small plant light will automatically turn on and off at the SAME TIME everyday, allowing you to control the plant lighting requirement scientifically!

    4 Dimming Levels

    • Upgarded desk plant lamp has 4 brightnes levels.
    • According to different plant growth needs, you can change the light intensity by 25%-50%-75%-100% to help them grow better and healthier.THE BEST LIGHT SOURCE FOR PLANT GROWTH!

    Full Spectrum High Efficiency LEDs

    • This grow lamp is brighter to ensure each plant's lighting needs in different stages, which applicated 106pcs high-efficiency LEDs(Cold white 78pcs, Warm white 22pcs, Red 6pcs).
    • It can provide uniform lighting with spectral energy distribution to create good absorption and reflection conditions for plants.

    Angle Adjustable & Height Adjustable

    • Pull the telescopic rod up and down to adjust the desired height for your plant to absorb enough light.
    • The 180°rotatable design allows you to adjust the lighting direction to make the illumination range more concentrated.

    Stable & Slip Resistance

    • The metal base is made of reinforced material. It's so stable that you don't need to worry about it will tip over.
    • A foam pad is added at the bottom of the metal base to increase friction with the table, which protects your table and prevents scratches.

    Less Heat Dissipated & Lightweight

    • The ultra-thin grow light panel minimalist style design, make it suitable for various home styles. GREAT FOR INDOOR PLANTS!
    • LEDs generate less heat, allowing you to keep the desk plant light strip much closer to the plants without the concern of damaging them.

    Package Included

    1 x grow light

    1 x Telescopic rod

    1 x Metal Base

    1 x Timer

    1 x Adapter

    1 x User Manual

    InputVoltageRange: 110-240V50/60HZ

    Rated Power: 10W

    Spectrum: FullSpectrum

    ColorTemperature: 3500K-6500K

    Material: Aluminum

    Lifetime: 50000Hous