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    Grow Light, Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Height Adjustable Growing Lamp with Auto On/Off Timer 4/8/12H, 4 Dimmable Brightness, Ideal for Small Plants

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    • Unique Artistic Design: This grow light is carefully designed like a halo for your plants to help them grow better and faster. It is not only a plant light, but also a stylish decoration for any home space, The warm natural light makes it very comfortable to see and to place in your home, it perfectly fits in with your home decor.
    • Full Spectrum Grow Light: It emits all the wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm- just like natural sunlight. With the warm white high efficiency LED diodes & higher PAR output, the grow light greatly promotes indoor growth as it accelerates photosynthesis, ideal for all stages of growth and various of plants such as herbs, succulent, orchids, tomatoes, etc. SAVE YOUR DARK INDOOR PLANTS with IT ! (50,000 hours lifetime.)
    • Auto on/off Timer Everyday: This growing light has 3 cycle timing settings (4/8/12H) which will stay on for 4/8/12 hours, then off for 20/16/12 hours and will automatically turn on and off at the same time the next day, no need to unplug/re-plug. It will take good care of your plants while you are at work or on vacation, easy & convenient!
    • Brighter Plant Light with 4 Dimmable Levels: Our grow light has more new technology LED diodes which makes it brighter and more efficient. Also it has 4 brightness settings (25%-50%-75%-100%), to meet each plant's lighting requirements at different stages, without worrying about burning your plant.
    • Easy to Use & Height Adjustable: Just stick it into potted plants, adjust height, then turn it on, quick and easy! The lighting part can be adjusted in height in order to work with different plants and provide the right amount of light intensity for each plant. Also a larger area or more plants will be covered when the telescope is extended longer.

    Product Description


    Auto On/Off Timer Everyday

    You can set up the hours(4/8/12H) as you like for your plants, then it will automatically turn on and off at the SAME TIME the next day. No need to unplug/re-plug.

    4 Dimmable Brightness

    This mini grow light provides 4 brightness levels (25% -50%- 75%- 100%) to be adjusted according to your plants need to make sure they get proper light intensity.

    High Efficiency Diodes

    Applicating the newest technology full spectrum LED chips , this grow light can provide higher PAR/LUMEN output to meet the need of your indoor plants at all stages of plant growth. Your plants will be well fed!

    Easy to use

    Step1: Insert Into the Soil

    The sharp design of the pole make it easy and steady to insert into the planter.

    Step 2: Adjust Height

    Pull the telescropic pole up and down to adjust the suitable height for the plants to ensure the plant gets enough light.

    Step 3: Adjust Angle

    Rotate the light panel which can be 90° rotatable to where the plants need.

    Warm Tips: Don't bend the light panel to clockwise, it maybe will make the wire be cut.

    Expand Your Indoor Garden at Home or Office!

    LED Diodes Quantity 48 LEDs 72 LEDs 160 LEDs 72 LEDs 106 LEDs 100 LEDs
    LED Diodes Cold White + Warm White Cold White + Warm White + Red+Blue Cold White + Warm White + Red+Blue Cold White + Warm White + Red+Blue Cold White + Warm White + Red Cold White + Warm White + Red
    Timer Function 4H/8H/12H 4H/8H/12H 4H/8H/12H 4H/8H/12H 4H/8H/12H 3H/6H/12H
    Dimming 4 Dimmable Levels 4 Dimmable Levels 10 Dimmable Levels 4 Dimmable Levels 4 Dimmable Levels 6 Dimmable Levels
    Max Height 26 in 56 in 61 in 30.6 in 26 in 63 in