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    Grow Light, 48 Leds Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum Desk Grow Lamp with Automatic Timer for 4H/8H/12H, 4 Dimmable Levels, Height Adjustable 7.8"-26", 1 Pack

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    • Desk Grow Light for Home Office: This plant grow light comes with a base, which is sturdy and saves space on your desk! Specially crafted indoor plant grow lights that can be inserted into the soil or placed on the base for effective illumination. Distinctive in design and effortlessly assembled and disassembled for user-friendly convenience. Also, its light panel is designed like a halo to help your plants grow happier and more lush!
    • Full Spectrum Plant Light with 48 LEDs: The halo grow light is composed of 48 high-quality LEDs, and its energy consumption is 80% lower than incandescent lamps. It emits full spectrum light that covers all the wavelengths from 380nm - 780nm, just like natural sunlight. With uniform brightness, wide lighting range, and soft light, it's a perfect growing light for your plants, and a home decoration that can protect your eyes and reduce eye fatigue.
    • 24H Cycle Auto On/Off Timer: With the Memory functional timer for 4H/8H/12H, you just need to set it once, and you are free to sleep, work or have a vacation, no need to worry about turning it on/off. It will be on your previous setting to turn on/off automatically at the same time every day. (50000 Hours Lifetime!)
    • High Brightness with 4 Dimmable Settings: Our grow light adopted the higher PAR/LUMEN output lighting solution, it can provide enough perfect plant lighting to ensure the plant's happy growth and photosynthesis. It also comes with 4 lighting brightness modes for 25%-50%-75%-100%. In addition to ensuring that the plants get enough lighting, while preventing the plants from being burned and saving energy.
    • Easy to Use & Height Adjustable: The halo grow light is simple to use, just do one step to set it up! And with an adjustable telescopic rod, you can easily adjust its height from 7.8" to 26" to provide optimal lighting for your plants. Also, a larger area or more plants will be covered when the telescope is extended longer.

    Product Description

    Auto On/Off Timer Everyday

    You can set up the hours(4/8/12H) as you like for your plants, and then it will automatically turn on and off at the SAME TIME the next day. No need to unplug/re-plug.

    4 Dimmable Brightness

    Tailor the light intensity for your plants with this grow light, featuring four adjustable brightness settings (25% - 50% - 75% - 100%). Ensure your plants receive the ideal level of illumination for their specific needs.

    High Efficiency LEDs

    Utilizing cutting-edge technology with the latest full spectrum LED chips, this grow light delivers an elevated PAR/LUMEN output to cater to the requirements of your indoor plants throughout every stage of their growth. Ensure your plants receive optimal nourishment!

    Height Adjustable: 7.8"-26"

    With the adjustable rod spanning from 7.8 inches to 26 inches, you can effortlessly adjust the lamp's height to your plant's requirements. Just pull the telescopic pole up and down to adjust the suitable height for the plants to ensure the plant gets enough light.

    Dual-Use Design

    1. Insert the light into the soil. Gently insert the light fixture into the soil near the base of the plant, ensuring that it is securely positioned.

    2. Put the plants onto the base. Ensure stability and adjust the angle or height if necessary.

    Mini Grow Light

    Discover the delight of tending to your plants with this enchanting grow light. Despite its compact size, this powerful device serves as a comprehensive solution for elevating your plant's surroundings. Infuse your space with a delightful aura as you nurture lush, vibrant greenery, creating a harmonious and thriving indoor garden.