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    Desk Indoor Herb Garden Kit

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    Technical Specifications:

    • Material: Plastic
    • Plug: US/EU
    • Rated of Work: 23W
    • Use Scenarios: home furnishings, greening projects, hotels, offices, flower garden production, home gardening, balcony vegetable gardens
    • Color: White
    • Size: 35x26x38CM(13.8x10x15")


    Indoor hydroponic gardening kits provide adults with relaxing entertainment options, let you forget about the troubles of work and life, and let you focus on creating your own indoor garden. It also gives children an opportunity to get close to nature and stimulate their interest in biology and observe the growth and changes of plants. You can easily adjust the height of the telescopic rod according to the growth cycle of the plant (nursery, growth, and maturity)

    • Applicable to 12 kinds of plants: The planting system is equipped with 12 planting baskets, 12 sow blocks, and 12 moisturizing sets. In order to cultivate indoor herb gardens at home, there is no soil cultivation technology in any season and weather, so you can have your favorite plants at any time.
    • 23W LED light: Built-in LED light can effectively prevent plants from aging too quickly and prolong their service life. It will automatically fill for 18 hours and can germinate in a few days, and the harvest will begin in a few weeks.
    • Two planting modes to choose from: Vegetable mode, suitable for most leafy vegetables or leafy plants; flower and fruit mode: suitable for growing flowering plants, such as roses or flowering plants, such as small tomatoes.
    • 4 liters large water tank, visible water level: 4 liters large capacity water tank, enough to travel for 2 weeks after full water. With a visual water level scale, you can easily know the time to add water to avoid water shortage. Water or nutrient solution can be added.
    • Max 15 inches (about 38 cm): According to the growth cycle of the plant (sow period, growth period, and adult plants), the height of the lifting pole can be adjusted freely (adjustable height: 6.3-11.8 inches (about 16.0-30.0 cm)). Appropriate Lights can ensure max photosynthesis of plants and help plants grow faster.
    • Built-in fan and water pump: The fan and water pump work for 30 minutes by default and stand still for 30 minutes after starting. Fans ensure air circulation between plants and maintain the healthy growth of plants. The water pump circulates the water in the water tank to balance the water temperature and ensure the oxygen content in the water.

    Package Contents:

    • 1 x Hydroponic Machine
    • 1 x Water Pump
    • 12 x Planting Baskets

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Eudora Tremblay

    It’s all right to operate LEDs, fan and water pump.

    Kennedi Stroman

    Kindergarten. grows unevenly. The aeration stone should be located all over the bottom. The light off timer is not working properly. Kindergarten. It grows unevenly. The aeration stone should be located all over the bottom. The light off timer does not work properly. In general, the underworked kindergarten, in the ground quickly grow tomatoes, shit kindergarten, near the pump only grows a healthy plant, the oxygen of the rest of the country. Again, the function is useless, for hydroponics!!!

    Tracey Stiedemann

    The product perfectly reflects the description. Of excellent quality with regard to materials. Durable and well done. The shipping was fast and I pack arrived perfectly intact. Inside there are no nutrients, but it is specified in the description. Out of curiosity I still tried to ask the seller who responded to me with a lot of kindness and speed confirming. Definitely recommended both product and seller.