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    12-Pod Hydroponic Indoor Garden System with LED Grow Lights, Height Adjustable Planters, and Auto Timer for Herbs and Plants

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    • [Smart Watering,Low Maintenance]:The Hydroponic Growing System has a spacious 4L tank for about 3-4 weeks of water supply with only one fill. Your plants can thrive without 24/7 attention, which is perfect for beginners, travelers for long journey or occasionally forgetful ones. Embrace easy planting and bountiful harvests effortlessly by choosing our newest herb garden growing system.
    • [Digital Show Control,Growth Promoting Lamp]:Fulsren indoor garden with 3 types of light for different growing period needs,The full spectrum LED lights to simulate sunlight and accelerate photosynthesis, triggering growth up to 5 times faster than traditional soil and effectively controlling the growing cycle. Stay away from bad weather to get optimal growing conditions in low-light apartments, making preferred plants ready to grow. Easy harvesting fresh fruits and herbs,purify indoor room air.
    • [Get More Cultivation Space and Varieties]:OurIndoor grow kit offers an impressive offering of 12 growing stations, beyond the usual four to six, flexible and convenient enough to grow more plants. Comes with 1 indoor herb garden, 1 AC/DC adapter, 1 instruction manual, 2 solid nutrients, 12 planting sponges, 12 growing domes and 12 planting baskets, complete indoor growing kit, perfect for gardening enthusiasts.
    • 【Self-Circulating,Energy Saving】:Herb garden grow room is built-in with a power auto-circulating pump that provides a steady flow of water to optimize nutrient and oxygen delivery to the root system for more vigorous growth, helping plants grow up to 3 times faster than they would in the soil without disturbing your daily routine life and with low noise levels. Simply press the pump button : 30-minute active sprint followed by 30-minute energy-saving pause to maximize efficiency.
    • 【Adjustable Stand,Perfect Gift】:Indoor gardening system with adjustable height up to 20 inches, allowing customized heights and providing plenty of space for vigorous growth. With Fulsren Plant Germination Kit, super easy to cultivate both decorative and practical plants at home, such as basil, tomato pepper, lettuce...Ideal gift for women, moms and parents, also suitable for kids who can have fun and educational experience by watching the growing process every day, Enjoy your hydroponics.

    Product Description

    Enjoy Planting Indoors with Your Family

    Seedling mode

    When you choose the "Seedling" mode, the lights are white,blue and red, this mode is more suitable for germination and seedling period.

    Bloom mode

    When you select the "Bloom" mode, the light is white,red and far red, which is more suitable for the flowering period of the plant.

    Veg mode

    When you select the "Veg" mode, the light is white and red, which is more suitable for plant harvest time.

    Help plants grow

    Seed Pod Kit

    This hydroponic system comes with 12 planting sponges and 12 planting baskets in which the seeds can thrive, and It can also meet diverse planting needs.

    If the plant grows up and needs to be transplanted outdoors, you do not need to separate the planting sponge from the roots, our planting sponge is plant material, which is convenient for you to transplant.

    Water Pump

    Hydroponics Growing System adopts intelligent silent water pump, no matter it is placed in bedroom, study, living room, kitchen,It can avoid being disturbed by noise

    Please note that when the hydroponics growing system is turned on, the water pump is ina circulating working state. (30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, automatic cycle)

    A&B Solid Nutrition

    It can help plants grow faster, 20% faster than in soil.

    Fill the bottle of plant food A and plant food B up with water.Keep shaking both of the bottles until the plant food totally dissolve.Each 5ml of well-mixed A and B should be combined with 1L water.(A: B:Water=5:5:1000)