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    YINMIK PH Meter, Digital 4 in 1 PH EC TDS Temp Meter for Water Hydroponics, Waterproof DWC PH and EC PPM Water Tester with Backlit for Nutrients Growing, Indoor Garden, Home Brewing, Pool, Aquarium

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    • {Multiparameter pH EC TDS Temp Meters:} Grower’s good aid. YK-4 Pen Meter can measure pH, EC (Electrical conductivity), TDS (total dissolved solids), don’t need others, just press {MODE/CAL} key to switch readings of pH, EC (μS/cm / mS/cm), TDS (ppm).
    • {Easy to Calibrate-pH Meter:} Automatic pH calibration. Supports 3-point pH CAL at 7.00, 4.00, 10.01. Comes with 2 sets of pH meter calibration powders (4&7&10) for your calibration needs, (EC and tds meters are pre-calibrated). {Easy to Read:} The large screen display with green Backlight helps to read the pH tds ec meter at odd angles and in low light. Press the {HOLD/TEMP} key to lock the reading, which helps to easily record readings.
    • {Multiple Uses-pH Tester:} Multiparameter Meters can test pH, EC, tds levels and temperature of pH up and down in hydroponics to know your water is in the perfect range for maximum nutrient uptake. Widely used in DWC hydroponics system, RO/DI water, drinking water, tap water, beer, wine, kombucha, milk, home brewing, pool, aquarium, reef tank, hot tub, aquaculture, Spas, fish tank and urine.
    • {pH EC Meter with Stable and Reliable Reading:} The additional chip makes the pH reading more stable (Reduce the interference of mobile phones and other items on the instrument), and the automatic temperature compensation (32 to 122 ℉) keeps the reading consistent.
    • {No Worries of pH PPM Meter}: For YK-4 replacement pH Probe; it is available at YINMIK Store, save your maintenance cost; For Calibration, you can find pH 4.00 7.00 10.01 Calibration solution and calibration powder in YINMIK Store; If you need to calibrate EC later, You can come to YINMIK Store to choose EC 1413μS/cm and 12.88mS/cm calibration solution

    Product Description

    pH EC TDS Temperature Meter for Water Hydroponics:Use the YK-4 pH tester to measure the EC, pH value of Hydroponic Nutrient Solution; Test the ppm level and temperature of hydroponic basic water (RO/DI Water). 4 in 1 model, just press {MODE/CAL} switch to get different parameters.

    Growing with YK-4 Hydroponic Nutrient Tester

    Different plants need to grow in nutrient solutions with different EC and pH values; Use YK-4 pH EC TDS Meter to check ppm of purtified water(>170 ppm is hard water), Keep EC Level Stable, Ensure pH Balance

    NOTE: Always check your pH after the ec level is in the optimal range.

    1 pH Meter Hydroponic 2 EC Meter Hydroponic 3 Reservoir Water TDS Test 4 PPM Meter Nutrients

    YINMIK pH Meter----Stable, Precise and Fast;

    Other Functions You Need: ATC Temp; After 5 minutes, automatic Shut off; How to Maintain the pH EC PPM Meter? 1. Before and after use, clean the probe; 2. Prevent the tds pH meter from falling; 3. Keep sponge mosit, if dry, add a littel pure water; Replaceable pH probe: probe are available on Store

    4 in 1 water ph meter for testing liquid, such as nutrient solution, aquarium water, fish tank water, aquaculture, swimming pool water, drinking water, tap water, beer, wine, kombucha.


    pH/TDS/EC/TEMP pH/TDS/TEMP pH/Salt/Chlorine/ORP/EC/TDS pH/Salt/Chlorine/ORP/EC/TDS For EC Salinity Calibration For YK-4 Replacement probe For All pH Meter calibration
    LCD Backlight
    Hold Function
    Auto Tempearture Compensation
    Field of use
    Hydroponic, Aquarium, Pool Liquid, Pool Spa, Beer Brewing Pool For pool monitor For YK-3 YK-4 YK-4C Calibrate YK-4 orange pH meter For All pH Meter calibration