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    Salad Greens Lettuce Seeds Heirloom Vegetable Seed 23,000 Seeds for Planting Indoors and Outdoor 10 Packs - Buttercrunch, Romaine, Iceberg, (And More) Leaf and Head Variety Pack by

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    • 10 VARIETIES GREENS AND SALAD LETTUCE SEED PACKETS - 10 of our most popular salad greens including black seeded simpson, buttercrunch, cimmaron, grand rapids, great lakes, iceberg, red oakleaf, parris island romaine, red salad bowl, and waldmann's green.
    • FREE BONUS - Free plant markers to help you keep track of what lettuce seeds you planted where.
    • WATER RESISTANT PACKAGING - Our high quality heirloom seeds are packaged in professional seed packets, unlike our competitors who use plastic bags which can lead to seed mold. Each high quality packet comes with planting and harvesting instructions.
    • USA - Proudly grown and produced in the USA. Don't use inferior overseas seeds in your garden. These leafy greens are great grown in hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor and outdoor gardening. Since these are all heirloom, save seeds for future gardens and provide food security for your family.
    • GUARANTEE - If you aren't happy for any reason, return your lettuce seeds for planting for a full refund.

    10 Pack Salad Greens Variety Pack:

    This big 10 pack assortment not only has green leaf lettuce seeds but also some fun red varieties too.

    All of our heirloom lettuce seeds are sourced and grown in the USA.  Make sure your seeds you plant are high quality.  These are also heirloom, non-gmo seeds.  There are enough seeds here for many plantings.  You can also grow and save seeds, providing food security for your family for years to come.

    We bring to you our best leafy greens for you to grow indoor lettuce garden and outdoors too.  All of the varieties in this assortment can easily be started indoors and transferred to a hydroponic growing system or into your outdoor garden.  If growing outdoors, all butterhead seeds can also be directly sown outside.  

    There is nothing quite like growing your own, fresh crunch salad greens.  Harvesting your first head of lettuce will bring you so much joy.

    We have designed professional seed packets for each seed.  Many sellers package their seeds in plastic baggies.  Plastic bags can harbor mold, mildew and disease.  Each of our water-resistant packs will include growing instructions, approximate weight, and harvesting instructions.

    Included in the lettuce assortment is:

    Romaine, Parris Island 2 grams

    Buttercrunch bib lettuce 2 grams

    Red Salad Bowl 2 grams

    Oakleaf Red 2 grams 

    Waldmann's Green leaf lettuce 2 grams 

    Iceberg crisphead 2 grams

    Great Lakes 2 Grams

    Grand Rapids TBR 2 grams  

    Cimmaron Red Romaine 2 grams

    Black Seeded Simpson 2 grams

    All packets have approximately 2300 seeds.  Packs are filled by weight and seed count is approximate.

    Our greens assortment is great for:

    *Planting winter vegetable seeds

    *Growing greens indoors and on your kitchen counter

    *Spring gardens, Fall Gardens