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    Large Tomato Planter with Metal Trellis 68 Inch, 20 Gallon Fabric Pot with Drainage - Tall Cages for Climbing Outdoor Plants Cucumber, Grape, Beans and Flowers, Black (Pack of 1)

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    • HOLDS FULL-SIZE PLANTS – This 68-inch-high and 22-inch-wide sturdy trellis planter is suitable for growing large vegetable plants. Powder-coated, heavy duty trellis for vine plants supports tomatoes and other plants to stop them from breaking under their own weight
    • BREATHABLE FABRIC PLANTER GROW BAG – Provides temperature control during hot and cold seasons. Air circulation for the root system prevents plants from getting root bound. Durable felt grow bag for vegetables and fruits holds up to 20 gallons of soil
    • BUILT-IN DRAINAGE SYSTEM – Raised grate in the bottom of the trellis planter supports drainage of excess water from the planting bag, preventing root rot and promoting healthy growth of climbing vegetables like tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers
    • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE – No tools or screws required. Designed in Canada. Adjustable height construction of our trellis planter stakes with telescopic poles and a spring button lock allows for continual plant growth
    • TIGHT SPACE SOLUTION – Our tomato plant support cage with modern black pots for outdoor plants provides enough room to grow your own climbing veggies without taking up tons of space. Suitable for your balcony, patio, garden, or any outdoor area

    Product Description

    Outland Living is widely known for its popular Outland Firebowl, introduced in 2012, and subsequent models of portable propane fire pits.

    Since 2010, our passion at Outland Living has been to create high quality and innovative products to better enable our customers to enjoy the great outdoors.

    We stand behind our high standards and are driven to deliver exceptional service to meet all our customers’ needs.

    From the backyard to the backwoods, we've got outdoor living perfected!

    Designed in Canada

    All Outland Living products are designed in Canada. Our main goal is to promote outdoor living in a safe, enjoyable and sustainable way.

    Protection from Animals

    We know that deer, rabbits, and even your beloved pets may destroy your garden, so we created our tall garden planter collection to protect your favorite plants.

    Sturdy & Durable Construction

    High quality and weather-resistant materials provide long-lasting durability and make our products suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Space Saving

    Outland Living makes it possible to create the patio and garden of your dreams, even if you have limited space in a small apartment, balcony, or outside area.

    Our breathable fabric planter allows air to penetrate into the soil, preventing plants from becoming root bound, and helping create healthier root systems while encouraging new root growth. The porous fabric has the ability to sweat, allowing for temperature regulation inside the planter.

    Our tomato planter with included trellis has been effectively designed to save space while displaying a sleek, unique appearance with its delicate framework and all black design.

    You can grow any type of climbing vine plant including peas, beans, cucumber, squash, flowers and more!

    Height 5.5' (66") 6' (68")
    Weight 19.6 lbs 18.7 lbs
    Frame Shape Straight Straight
    Color of Planter Black Black
    Grow Bag Volume 42 L (1.48 cubic feet) 75 L (2.67 cubic feet)
    Grow Bag Dimensions 26.4” L x 9.8” W x 10.0” H Diameter 19.7" x H 15.75"
    Frame Dimensions 31.3” L x 17.9” W x 66.0” H Diameter 22" x H 68"
    Felt Grow Bag
    Ideal next to Wall -
    Wheels Included -
    Nameplate Color White Black Black & White (1/2 QTY of each)
    Nameplate Dimensions W 3.54" x H 1.18" W 3.54" x H 1.18" W 3.54" x H 1.18"
    Stainless Steel Legs Height 11" tall 11" tall 11" tall
    Material Powder-coated carbon steel nameplate & stainless steel legs Powder-coated carbon steel nameplate & stainless steel legs Powder-coated carbon steel nameplate & stainless steel legs
    QTY per 1 Box 30 Pieces 30 Pieces 30 Pieces
    Where to use Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
    No assembly required
    UV resistance
    Easy to write on