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    Hydroponics Growing System 3 Growth Modes

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    About this item:

    • LED growth system & safe and non-toxic: The indoor hydroponic planting system uses 20W LED lights to imitate natural light, providing indoor plants with the natural light needed for growth. You can grow plants at any time, even in the cold winter! Hydroponic planting system, allowing you to enjoy safe and fresh fruits and herbs!
    • 3 Smart Modes: The indoor hydroponic garden is designed with 3 different growth modes. Normal mode: turn on the light at 14h and turn off the light at 10h, suitable for germination, flowering, and viewing stages. Enjoy mode: 12h cycle of turning on and off the light, suitable for budding, flowering, and viewing stages. Growth mode: 16h open and 8h closed cycle, used for germination and observation stage. You can choose the right model according to your needs!
    • Height-adjustable indoor garden: The indoor plant growth kit can freely adjust the height of the lifting rod according to the different growth cycles of plants (seedling stage, growth period, and adult plants) (adjustable height: 3.1 -13.7 inches). Appropriate lighting can ensure maximum photosynthesis of plants, thereby helping plants grow faster.
    • Indoor Hydroponic Garden: The hydroponic planting system is designed for soilless planting, soilless, and sundries. Up to 4 types of plants can be planted. Just put in the non-GMO, pre-sown pods and observe their growth, the germination rate can reach 100%!
    • Smart Garden & Accelerated Growth: Growing plants indoors kit is equipped with automatic water pumps and sensors to ensure the best humidity; indoor hydroponic planting can make plants grow 5 times faster than the growth rate in the soil. It can also be used as a seedling raising device, and the intelligent soil can be transplanted to the outside to get more growth space!
    • Hydroponics Growing System (IGS-1) IGS-01 is a smart garden kit with a beautiful outlook. We designed the hydroponics growing system for fresh herbs, vegetables, flowers, etc. We can use it in the kitchen, indoor decoration, or laboratory teaching. The hydroponics growing system is equipped with 4 pots garden, high energy-efficient LED to grow light, no soil, no mess. You can grow any hydroponics plants in this indoor gardening system grow plants faster than soil. 
    • Hydroponics,5X Growing Faster Than Soil Hydroponics growing system is designed for growing plants in water without soil, which can grow plants 5 times faster than growing in soil. It comes with a non-toxic PET Tank and planting sponges made of Biochar Mud are, non-toxic and no soil contamination ensures natural and green planting for you. 
    • Hydroponics growing system supplies High Effective Customized Spectrum LED Lighting. It makes plants maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests. With the specific spectrum light which is designed for indoor gardening plants, the plants will grow fast and resulted in abundant harvests.
    • 3 Growing Modes and Reminder to Feed Water: Hydroponics growing system is designed with 3 different modes based on your needs.
    • Normal Mode:?14?hrs.?on??/?10?hrs.?Off
    • Enjoy Mode:?12?hrs.?on??/?12?hrs.?Off
    • Grow Mode: 16?hrs.?on??/?8?hrs.?off
    • After the hydroponics growing system runs normally for several days, the water tank will fall, when the water is no longer sufficient as needed for the growth of plants, the buzzer will sound a long beep, at this time, you need to fill the water into the tank.

    Package Included:

    • 1*Hydroponics Growing Plant
    • 4*Pot Kit
    • 1*Power Adapter
    • 2*Nutrients£¨Plant Food A/B)