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    6-Pod Hydroponics Growing System with LED Grow Lights, Indoor Herb Garden, Plants Germination Kit

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    • Bulit-in Timer(12h/16h/20h)
    • Height Adjustable Lamp
    • 6-Pod Gardening Kit
    • Water Pump Circulation System
    • Water Level Visual Window
    • Easy Use Control Panel

    Easy-to-Use Control Panel
    LED Grow Light: Simply press the corresponding button on the control panel to turn on/off the Hydroponics Growing System or to choose among 3 light time modes (12h/16h/20h).
    Pump: Runs on 30 mins and off 30 mins in a cycle.

    LED Grow Light
    The light belongs to full-spectrum lamps, making plants grow faster. It is recommended to choose 12h light mode for planting short-day plants and 16h light mode for long-day plants.

    Super Quiet Self-Watering Planter
    In-home gardening system has a water-pump system, which help to circulating water, increasing the water-oxygen content. The roots of plant grows strong, be enough to absorb nutrient.

    Smart Soil Sponge Pods
    The indoor herb garden can grow 6 plants at a time. Smart soil sponge pods help plants take root and absorb water. See the natural root with your own eyes. Also, iDOO indoor garden is a easy kit to germinate, the sponge can be transfer to soil directly.

    Model: ID-IG306
    Power Adapter: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Input: 12V 1.5A
    Working Temperature: 39°F-122°F/4-50℃
    Water Tank Capacity: 2L
    Material: ABS
    Pump Flow: 140L/h
    Product Size: 22*25*40-55cm
    Net Weight: About 1.63LB/0.74KG
    Package Size: 195 X 195 X 170MM
    Gross Weight: About 2.4LB/1.1KG

    Hydroponic growing system
    1 x Indoor herb garden
    12 x Sponges
    6 x Sponge Basket
    6 x Seeding Covers
    6 x Tags
    6 x Basket Label
    3 x Cactus Covers
    2 x Bottle
    1 x Rubber Stopper
    1 x Cotton Rope

    • 6 Pods & Compact Garden: Cultivate up to 6 plants at a time while the compact design makes iDOO indoor herb garden a wonderful addition to your kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.

    • Better than Soil Cultivation: Plants in iDOO hydroponics growing system grow 20% faster and need less water than in soil. Complete with 18W LED grow lights and 2L water tank to promote your plants’ growth regardless of the season.

    • Cycle On/Off Timer: The indoor gardening system is designed with cycle on/off timing for LED grow light (3 timers) and silent pump (30min-on-and-30min-off), which frees your hands and allows you to go out without worrying.

    • 12.2in Universal Pole: The updated lamp pole can be rotated 360 degrees to ensure that the plants absorb the optimum light at every stage of their growth and can be folded for better storage.

    • A Great Gift Just add seeds and water to start your own plant growth journey after installing the Indoor Growing System, which is an educational tool for kids to observe the growing process of plants and also an ideal gift for those who love growing greenery indoors.
    Model ID-IG301 ID-IG201 I-D-01 ID-IG303 ID-IG305 ID-IG306
    Color White White White White White Black
    Pods Number 12pods 7pods 20pods 10pods 6pods 6pods
    Pollination Fan × × × × ×
    Water Pump ×
    Adapter 12V/3A 24V/1A 12V/4A 12V/2A 12V/1.5A 12V/1.5A
    Auto Light Cycles 16H on   8H off cycle 14h on 10h off cycle/12h on 12h off cycle/16h on 8h off cycle 1-24H ajustable 16H on   8H off cycle 16H on   8H off cycle/12H on 12H off cycle 12h on 12h off cycle/16h on 8h off cycle/20h on   8h off cycle
    Water Tank Capcity 1 Gallon/4L 1 Gallon/4L 0.5   Gallon*4 1.2   Gallon/4.5L 0.75 Gallon/2.83L 0.4 Gallon/1.5L
    Water Shortage Reminder No Yes,beep sound No Yes,beep sound Yes,beep sound No
    Adjustable Height 11" 15.75" 29.5" 15" 13.8" 12.2"